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Legal Services

Legal Services for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Organizations

Whether this your first time talking to a lawyer, or, you’re a veteran in business who is well accustomed to working with professional service providers, as my client, you’ll experience excellent customer service, quick response time, and legal services designed to meet and exceed the unique needs and expectations of entrepreneurs.

Are you new to business? I will take the time to ensure you understand the legal processes and documents that affect you. I take care to ensure that you proceed at a pace YOU are comfortable with, and I make it my mission to ensure you know that you can rely on me as a trusted resource available when you need me. I routinely assist business people with their start-up and/or early stage business legal needs. This can include such things as business purchase transactions, incorporation, business registration, partner agreements, lease and contract review, and more.

Are you a business veteran? Many of my clients are very well established with long and successful business careers. If you fit in this category, you may take comfort in my quick response time to your queries, my creative solutions to your complex issues and my ability to handle a wide range of complex matters on your behalf. I am happy to act in a general legal counsel role to your organizations, as well as for any specific projects you may nee me for, such as financing, acquisitions, sales, expansions, reorganizations, succession, commercial leasing, or collections matters.

Legal Services

People incorporate companies for many reasons which include:

  • starting a new business operation
  • purchasing an existing business
  • purchasing real estate
  • asset / property holding company
  • incorporating a prior existing sole proprietorship or unincorporated partnership

FAQ’s about Incorporation:

  • How Long? I can normally incorporate a NS Limited Numbered Company in a day. However, if you need a business name a few days will be added for the name search and reservation process (we can take care of all of that for you);
  • What Info is Required? I have a short set of questions which I can discuss over the phone or by email.
  • Can I use the same Bank Account as I did prior to incorporation? No. When  you incorporate you are creating an entire new legal entity (a new legal person so to speak) and this entity cannot use the bank account other than its own fresh, new account. Don’t worry, upon incorporation I will send you all the documents you need to open a bank account.

I will be pleased to discuss various options with you including Nova Scotia limited companies, federally incorporated companies, or a different type of business structure options available to you.

Articles related to Incorporation:

A shareholders’ agreement is recommended whenever there is more than one shareholder in a business. Shareholders’ agreements address many important things which, without an agreement, can be points of disagreement among shareholders over time. These include rights to information, voting, dividends and share of property and value on windup, roles and expectations of each, management and control.

It is also recommended to put these in place at the beginning of a business partnership. Otherwise it is not very likely that they will ever be put in place, and this can be very unfortunate if a shareholder dispute arises.

Give me a call and I will be happy to give you a free consultation on how a shareholders’ agreement can benefit your particular situation.

My Articles Related to Shareholders’ Agreements:

Buying or Selling a Business can be one of the biggest and most significant transactions a person will ever experience in their lifetime.

I have represented both purchasers and sellers throughout all stages of these transactions from negotiating terms, drafting the agreements, legal due diligence investigations, incorporation, financing and ensuring a smooth closing  and post-closing transition.

Whether it is an asset or share transaction, there are many steps involved and it is in your best interests to contact a lawyer early in the process. Contact me for a free, confidential consultation.

These are some of the topics you will have to consider, or get professional legal advice on before you buy a business.

  • Will you purchase shares or assets?
  • How will you structure your purchase? (direct purchase, hold-co purchase)
  • Will you have business partners?
  • Will you have financing?
  • What type of security will your lender require / does the agreement prevent or allow the lender security?
  • What due diligence searches are required (what is due diligence and why do I need to do it?)?
  • Do I need a letter of intent?
  • Once the LOI / agreement are finished, what else has to be done?
  • Are you a successor employer?
  • Do you need licenses / permits / if yes, are they transferable or require a new application?
  • and numerous other questions…

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Are you buying a commercial office building, warehouse or industrial building, or a multi-unit apartment building? It is important that the agreement is thorough, fair, and contains the clauses required to protect you and your investment now and for the period after you take ownership.

There are very important items to ensure are done properly for both the buyer and the seller to ensure that they are protected and that the protections last for a sufficient time after closing.  Contact me for a consultation and to review the steps involved in a commercial real estate purchase or sale transaction.

After your purchases complete you may also require a commercial lease. I can assist in the preparation of a thorough commercial lease that serves you well as a landlord, and meet the needs of you and the type of tenants you seek to rent your new commercial investment.

I assist both landlords and tenants with commercial leasing preparation, review and enforcement.

Do you fall into the category of person who doesn’t have a Will? It is more common that you may realize.  I can help you with this, and I have put together an easy process for getting the information from you needed for me tor prepare your Will and estate documents.

The three basic documents most clients require include:

Will – the legal document that expresses your wishes for how your estate is managed after you have passed away.

Power of Attorney – the legal document through which you grant a trusted person to make decisions while you are alive but are unable to make decisions due to incapacity.

Personal Care Directive – this is the document in which you express your wishes for medical treatment at times when you are unable to communicate those wishes.

I can assist you in the purchase or sale of your house or condo. Whether new or used residential, I will do my best to make this significant event in your life as smooth as possible.

I also assist with residential or commercial refinancing. Contact me for details.

Purchasing a Franchise typically involves a lengthy series of legal documents, disclosures and agreements. Each document contains the Franchisor’s extensive rules which govern what you are permitted to do, when, how and the fees you must pay.

There are many items to take note of and I will be happy to review your franchise disclosure package and agreements to ensure you are well informed of the risks, legal implications and can make the best structure decisions to suit your particular situation.

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I represent businesses and business people from other Canadian provinces as well as from outside of Canada to register, and to operate business in Nova Scotia. I act as recognized agent in Nova Scotia and I can assist you with your Nova Scotia legal needs.

This category describes matters that may not fit under the other descriptions here. Sometime you may have a concern, but you aren’t sure if it is a legal question. I am here to help you figure out your next steps on an as needed basis. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you work through your concerns.

I assist clients with their collections and judgment enforcement issues.

Collections – I represent clients to collect monies owed to them.

Enforcement – I represent clients to enforce judgments already obtained.

Out of Province Judgment – I also represent clients to enforce judgments in Nova Scotia that were obtained in other provinces.

As part of the Aboriginal Law Group at Burchells LLP., I also assist Aboriginal businesses, Bands and organizations with their business legal needs. I also assist clients who wish to do business with Aboriginal organizations, or lease property on reserve land.


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