Buying a Business – What you need to know & How to do it

Buying a Business – What you need to know & How to do it

Some entrepreneurs start a new business from scratch, others prefer to buy an existing one which is ripe and ready for a new owner. This section is for you, the entrepreneur who has identified a business you would like to buy, and you want a better understanding of the steps involved.  Use this page as your starting point.

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These are some of the topics you will have to consider, or get professional legal advice on before you buy a business. 

  • Will you purchase shares or assets?
  • How will you structure your purchase?
  • Will you have partners?
  • Will you have financing?
  • What type of security will your lender require?
  • What due diligence searches are required (what is due diligence and why do I need to do it?)?
  • Do I need a letter of intent?
  • Once the LOI / agreement are finished, what else has to be done?
  • Are you a successor employer?

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