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I like to review and post articles I am interested in, as this usually means readers of are usually also interested in them (according to the feedback I am receiving at least, which allows me to be somewhat presumptuous).

Entrepreneur Law - Business name registrationAnyhow, this article really struck me as I have been describing entrepreneurial people as having a sort of ‘condition’ that others kind of understand, but only entrepreneurs truly understand.  Other comparisons (IMO) to a someone who isn’t quite an entrepreneur proclaiming their understanding of what goes on in an entrepreneur’s head is similar to a non-parent stating that they understand what a parent ‘suffers’ through with young kids refusing to sleep, or who are sick at bedtime when the parents have to get up early the next morning. These people have what I’d call sympathy or empathy, depending on the case, but it is very unlikely that they really understand what goes on in an entrepreneur’s head. Don’t mistake this for a criticism, my only point is that people with an entrepreneur mindset are wired differently, and think in ways, and have ‘self-talk’ going on (both good and bad), that sets them apart. The other entrepreneurs out there are nodding their heads now.

This article on really hits home. I personally can relate to most, if not all of these (my insecurity, which you’ll read about in #2 wont let me admit to having all of these ‘symptoms’ of entrepreneurship).  In any event, an interesting read. Leave a comment on the Facebook page (Facebook page here) and let us know if you also relate to these, or if you feel some are missing..

My fav’s are 7, 10, 11, & 14.

Read the article here:

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