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Contract Preparation and Review

Contract Preparation and Review

Contracts are very important to the long term success of any business. When contracts are properly prepared, they will guide and keep the various business relationships in check and running smooth.  Good contracts can help ensure that when disputes arise, they are short lived, and any difficult times can find a path forward. When contracts fail, as a result of incomplete, or incorrect preparation, expensive litigation can arise, or businesses, and business people can find themselves stuck at an impasse without any legal ability, or power to continue to do business . This can cause business to fail.

Characteristics of good contracts include clear, concise and easy understand, well organized sections which anticipate general and specific concerns from the outset. Confusing, tricky and ambiguous language has no place in a contract and will only serve to complicate matter, promote misunderstanding and conflict and may do more harm than good.

Whether you need a contract written from scratch to fit your unique situation, or if you need a legal review of a contract that you were presented with, feel free to contact me.

Some of the contracts I prepared and reviewed for clients include:


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