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Below is a link to the proposed Crowdfunding Exemption and the Startup exemption. These exemptions address both the securities issuer and portals. What is Crowdfunding:  The short answer; the act of raising a little bit of money from a lot of people. Previously, Crowdfunding did not involve the issuing of securities. However, it is evolving

By: Garnet E. Brooks, Halifax Business Lawyer, Halifax Corporate Lawyer This article is part of a series of short, informative articles designed to assist entrepreneurs and business people to become aware of how a business lawyer can help them understand business legal issues. Should I incorporate or not? One of the first decisions an entrepreneur

By Garnet Brooks, Business Lawyer In a previous article on sole proprietorship, I described that there are consequences to operating a business under an unregistered business name.  An example of this is illustrated in a Nova Scotia Small Claims Court decision by Adjudicator Eric Slone in Cole v.  Mark Lively Welding Ltd., 2012 NSSM 23.

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